God's Marble was shot in June of 2007 at locations within Los Angeles and San Gorgonio
Wind Parks in Palm Springs and is currently in the last stages of post production.
The film was shot on super 16 film and contains elements of sound and optical
uncommon for a short.  This film was a true joint effort from vendor donations to crew
and family support.  God's marble will be entering the year long festival circuit where
we anticipate a good response and believe this will easily be expanded into a feature or
series.  Now a bit of trivia - Within the film Tom reacts almost giddy to Gregory's
Mountain town of Erlosung.  
Palm Springs Wind Towers 2nd Unit -
2nd A/C - James Dunham, Sound mixer - Denzil Xavier, Director- Charlie McNamara,
1st A/C - Joseph Walsh (eyes), Wardrobe - Brie Harris, Make-up/Hair - June Yamada,
Mikael Forsberg, Writer/Producer - Bryan Rodgers,DP - Masanobu Takayanagi, Producer- Darla Rodgers